Why Should I Invest In Commercial Video Production For My Small Business?

People find videos more fascinating, unforgettable, and prevalent than any other content currently being produced.

Unsurprisingly, people would prefer watching a short video to reading pages of information about a business or product.

That is why investing in commercial video production is the most powerful selling tool for your small business.

Commercial video production is a short-form video that briefly describes your product, service, or brand promise to build brand loyalty and inspire a call to action.

Ideally, videos under two minutes receive the most success.

Typically, commercials are high-quality productions that seek to establish an emotional connection with your audience by being distributed through targeted ad campaigns.

A production company like mine can help you create engaging sales videos highlighting your products or services designed to bring in visitors, increase page views and improve engagement with your audience.

With unique perspectives on what kind of video best suits your website and small business to drive the most leads and engagement.

Photographer In San Antonio has the knowledge, resources, and equipment to create stunning video content for your company.

What Is The Approach For Creating A Commercial Video Production?

The best way to create a commercial video is to define your target audience, key messaging, and tone.

Then select a storytelling style that best suits your defined goals and create a detailed storyboard.

Next is to identify and secure the ideal filming location(s).

Rehearsal days are preferred in advance of the shoot if talent is needed.

Then film your commercial, and edit with graphics/animation, sound mix, and finish.

Many other details go into pre and post-production, but this is a brief outline of the linear flow of the production process.

How Long Does It Take To Produce My Video?

Depending on the style of video production you'd like to pursue, short productions such as social media videos can take as little as 4-6 weeks.

However, larger productions, like brand films or commercials, can take 8-12 weeks.

How Much Will It Cost To Produce My Video?

An explainer video can cost as little as $10,000.

Productions that require custom filming, like corporate or testimonial videos, cost around $25,000.

Larger productions like brand films or commercials require multiple days of filming, aerial cinematography, or sophisticated animations, often ranging between $30,000 to $150,000.

If you are a small business, we can help you find the right creative approach if you have a smaller budget.

Why Can't I Just Do It Myself With My Team?

Many companies attempt to produce content in-house, and the number one problem I witness is poor video and sound quality.

A video with poor sound and image quality will immediately lose your audience's interest.

It's not just about buying a fancy camera to make a 4k format video.

You must know how to write a script and story, manipulate lighting, capture sound, frame the subjects, edit, create motion graphics, and many other elements to consider.

Other factors to consider in the production process include deadlines, time management with staff, creativity, and experience.

Neglecting any of these factors can lead to missed opportunities for sales. It can even cost you money with no return on investment.

Therefore, it is far more reasonable to consider the expert opinion of a leader in the field of video production.

The best part about using a production company is you'll now have unique, captivating video content for years to come.

I'm A Small Business. Can I Afford This Investment?

You probably want to opt out of this service since you saw those big production prices above, but you CAN afford this service.

Small businesses need to be competitive by utilizing the best marketing tools.

The number one marketing tool big companies use to put small companies like yours out of business is video commercials.

As a small business, you can't afford not to invest in video commercials!

The good news is that I cater to small businesses using affordable monthly payment plans to pay for production.

And the production process begins once the first monthly installment is made so that you, as a small business owner, get your return on investment before you finish paying for the production.

That means you make money right away from your commercial.

So, what are you waiting for?

Call 210-367-0250 now to get started.

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