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Photo of the book, Actors Anonymous by James Franco

What is product photography?

Product photography is a classification of commercial photography that aims to showcase a product with precision and detail.

First impressions are essential.

What is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and captures a customer's attention will decide whether a customer buys the product or loses interest.

It is crucial for anyone selling or even reselling a product to create the most attractive image of the item.

To do so, I use different angles, lighting, and backdrops to highlight an item and accentuate the product and details of its design.

The most popular method for shooting a product is to capture the image with a white background.

This technique keeps the shopper's eye in the focus of the product without any distractions.

It also highlights the colors and dimensions of the product when utilizing proper lighting and placement with a white background.

Yet, it is not as simple as placing a product on a white background for product photography.

Product photography requires a great deal of mastery and experience to know precisely how to manipulate lighting, what types of cameras to employ, and how to choose the best backgrounds and positions for your product.

Knowledge and experience of editing software are critical to the final image.

For example, consider what dimensions and format to use for each specific platform to advertise your product, such as social media or a website.

Also, consider the final image's color grading, shadows, and white balance to convey the image's appearance in real life.

These are just a few things to consider, there's so much more to product photography, and I highly recommend hiring a professional if you want to sell your product and increase your sales.

An example of product photography can be found on the photo above.

The photo above is a book I purchased titled Actors Anonymous by James Franco. I was not hired by the publisher of this book for this photo, I took a photo of this book as an example of what product photography would look like.

If you sell or resell products or have a brick and mortar and need to advertise your product for your social media, website, or online store, click the link below to schedule your product photography shoot today!

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